Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Guidette

H attends Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Of course, Wesleyan is famous for being a small, liberal arts school. H tells me of her exploits with hipsters, various kids of wealthy parents, and The Guidette. The Guidette is a female form of a Guido, who for those of you who don't know is a stereotypical Italian with gelled hair and a fake tan. Guidettes have fake tans and long, blonde hair extensions. They also tend to dress more scantily (read: skanky) than the typical girl. H showed me pictures of The Guidette and I have to admit, she didn't scream "classy girl" to me. However, what really interested me was what H had to say about The Guidette. H mentioned a few of The Guidette's partying ways, then said, "My friends and I wonder why she's at Wes."

H is absolutely one of my favorite people in the entire world, but I had to raise a few eyebrows at what she had just said. My (non verbalized) question to her was, why can't Miss Guidette attend Wes? Is there a rule saying only upstanding, relatively wealthy, and well-dressed individuals can attend a proper uni like Wesleyan? At a liberal arts school that is without a doubt liberal, how is it that The Guidette is not accepted? Therein lies my biggest criticism of seemingly open-minded people who attend seemingly open-minded institutions. In fact, therein simply lies my problem with people. What right does anyone have to say what another can or cannot do?  The correct answer, in case you are flailing, is no right at all.

I for one hope The Guidette continues her antics and extension-filled ways, because why shouldn't she? We don't need to hit a tanning booth and dye our hair, but if she prefers to do so, so be it. If anything, it makes us look better, no?